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RPB645C 1964-65 Rear Body Panel (Center section only)....$159.00


Now In Stock! 1965 Tail Light Panels (may be modified for a 1964)



Just Arrived!! NEW  ITEM!!


1965 Tail Light Housing with Gaskets--TLH65- $129.00



For the past year, the prices on chrome plating has been inching up overseas. Unfortunately, this will inevitably effect the prices of our parts. This is especially the case on anything in the 'exterior' category of our website and catalog. These new changes in prices will begin to be seen on the internet around August 1 (catalog prices will match the increases seen on the internet.) Please take advange of these last few days prior to this to order your parts before the price increases begin. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but wanted to give you advance notice before it happens.

Thanks for your business, Ausley's Chevelle Parts


1964-1965 Headliner Moldings are now here!


#IHC1140 1964-1965 Headlinger Moldings (6 Piece Set)....$219.95




Special Introductory Price
The headlights will replace any 5001 or 5006 Seal Beam Unit 
Part# HHL6470

These are Glass Sealed Beams (not plastic, as others on the market)
Your choice of 3 hookups:
-Daytime running lights-
-When Parking Lights are on-
-When Headlights are on-
(Regular $569.00)


1966-1967 Air Conditioning Ventilation Bezels (Pair)




NEW ITEMS!!! 1964 & 1965 RADIOS!!

RIA64- $299.00






Starting today!!! Our newest T-Shirt is FREE with $250.00 purchase.
Customer must order part # FTS101 and pick size. (Click photo above to be redirected to this item)(only available in L-XXL)

Limit 1 per order




1970 Tail Light Housings  $109.00 pr.



Now licensed by GM! 

454 Turbo Jet Emblem                                          502 Turbo Jet Emblem 

$50.00                                                                         $50.00


1968 SS 396 Dash Plate




1969 SS 396 Dash Plate



Ausley's Chevelle Parts specializes in parts for your 1964 - 1972 Chevelle, Malibu and El Camino. Whether you are building a convertible, hardtop, post, 2-door, 4-door, sedan or wagon, Ausley's Chevelle Parts has the largest inventory of Chevelle restoration parts in the world.

We invite you to visit our showroom which is open from 8:30-5:30 EST, Monday through Friday and 9:00-1:00 EST on Saturdays. If you can't make it to our showroom, please check our show schedule link and we will bring parts to you at one of the more than 25 shows we attend annually all over the east coast.

1966 Inner Tail Light Diffuser (each) (#ITD4210)

Add 1966 Inner Tail Light Diffuser (each) to Cart
  1966-67 Automatic / Powerglide Console Kit w/shifter (#CC67AP)

Add 1966-67 Automatic / Powerglide Console Kit w/shifter to Cart
  1968-72 Upper Windshield Molding (Convertible) (#UWM82C)

Add 1968-72 Upper Windshield Molding (Convertible) to Cart
1970-72 Quarter Window Rear Vertical Seal (#QWS5023)

Add 1970-72 Quarter Window Rear Vertical Seal to Cart
  1968-70 Side Marker Lamp Socket with Wire (#SMS870)

Add 1968-70 Side Marker Lamp Socket with Wire to Cart
  1970-72 Window Regulator Roller each (requires 4 per car) (#WRR7072)

Add 1970-72 Window Regulator Roller each (requires 4 per car) to Cart