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Here at Ausley's Chevelle we like to feel like we had a part in every one of your restoration projects. That is why we are proud to announce our Virtual Showroom, where automobile enthusiasts, collectors and restorers can view, buy or sell cars at Listing a car on our virtual showroom is easy and affordable. Just follow these instructions. Email us at In the subject line put "Cars for Sale Listing," and include in the body of the email important details about the car such as: Year, 2 Door/ 4 Door/ etc, miles, condition, options, and any other description. Also attach to the email up to five pictures of the car. Once we receive your email a sales person will contact you to review the details of the listing to ensure correctness. As a reward to our loyal customers, we waive the listing fees if you have purchased parts from Ausley's within the last two years. For non-customers, there is a fee of $49.95 for the first three months and a $19.95 relisting fee for each following 3-month period. Please allow up 2 to 3 days for cars to be listed.

For more information about listing your car here, please contact Ausley's Chevelle Parts at or call us toll free at (800) 228-7539.

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